Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Answered Prayers

One of our biggest prayers that God answered last week has to do with Dan. The biggest stress surrounding the birth of Lazarus was Dan's Hebrew test scheduled for Aug. 19th and the start of his second year at Seminary on Aug. 26th. With my due date right in the middle, we had NO idea how things would turn out. Poor Dan spent all his "free" time (mostly late nights) studying for his Hebrew entrance exam. Thankfully Laz stayed inside like a good little boy until Dan finished his tutoring program. Not only that, Dan passed the exam and so tested out of two of the three Hebrew classes that he would have had to take this year. I am so proud of Dan and thankful for his willingness to study hard, even during the summer, so that we could save money and have more time as a family this year. What an amazing husband I have!!

Laz came just after the exam and before the first day of school. We couldn't have timed it better. I know that Dan would say he's still a little stressed and learning to juggle school, work and late nights with a newborn. I also know that he would say God is faithful. There is no denying it. The dedication Dan has for our family is amazing. He has been so great to all three of us. Not only has he been world's most helpful husband (doing dishes, putting Eli to bed, bringing me flowers!!!) but he's also been world's best dad. During study hours, he stays focussed and works really hard so that he can play hard with the boys. It's been so awesome watching him grow as a father, as stressful as it has been for him.

Looking back at the birth, I know that Dan was my rock. He held me up, encouraged me and brought me through the birth of our second child. I love that childbirth has brought us so much closer together-it has shown me how trustworthy and loyal Dan really is. I can only imagine how tired and stressed he must have been at the beginning of my labor. Still, he stayed strong and reminded me of God's promises throughout the entire thing. Out of all the people who were there, I was most thankful to have Dan by my side, the father of my babies.


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