Tuesday, August 31, 2010

1 Week old

I can't believe Lazarus is 1 week old already! I feel like he has been part of our family for much longer than that. So far, Laz is a good eater and sleeper. He's been opening his eyes more often and making lots of serious faces. I think he has Dan's almond shaped eyes and eyebrows...very curvy and deep in thought. I love having a baby I can kiss and cuddle all day long and not hear "stop it mama! no fank you mama". I am trying to soak it up as much as possible before Laz learns to run away at the sight of puckered lips.


  1. you really must stop posting these adorable pictures of your newborn...some of us are done having babies, but these pictures are causing my uterus to do flip flops again. now just STOP IT! ;o)

  2. he so looks like dan! and totally has his deep in thought face! love little laz!