Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pregnant and loving it

This pregnancy has been easier in some ways but also more challenging in other ways. For example, having Eli makes it difficult to relax. By the time he is in bed, I'm literally too tired to make myself a bath. Reading has gone out the window as it immediately puts me to sleep and all of my craft ideas have been thrown to a dark corner of the office. I'm on my feet more and lifting more weight(Eli) than I probably should. All that said, I'm not in Malawi, I'm in America! The land of creamy cakes and sizzlin' steaks. Really, both pregnancies have been very different and there are pros and cons to both. Here are my two lists to compare the advantages of being pregnant in either place.

Top 5 Reasons I love being pregnant in America:

2. Access to anything I might need/want that is pregnancy related (lotions, clothes, books, etc.)
3. I can eat anything my pregnant brain craves, including bagels with cream cheese!!
4. I have a real queen sized bed with lots of pillows (as opposed to my full sized futon mattress on slats in Malawi)
5. There is an endless supply of Tylenol for various aches and pains

Top 5 Reasons I loved being pregnant in Malawi:

1. It was cheaper and easier to eat organic fruits and veggies.
2. No one stopped me to ask if I was carrying twins or to ask how my ligaments are doing. People seriously do this to me all the time here in America!
3. Lower risk of getting gestational diabetes. I never ate sweets in Malawi-it just wasn't worth it.
4. Less water and electricity meant less house work and more time to relax.
5. Being involved with my students, MOH crisis nursery and many other outreach programs made the time go by FAST!

I am 34 weeks and rapidly approaching my August due date. We had a prenatal appointment last Saturday with our midwives and everything looks great. At our next appointment, we will all go over the birth plan and make sure we have all that we need for our home birth.

Lazarus is doing well and loves to show off his circus moves. We thought Elijah was active in the womb, but that's because we had nothing to compare him to. Now we know! Something tells us Laz might be a little spit fire. I can't wait to meet him!

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  1. Praying for you and your fast approaching date. Also, I can't believe people ask if you are having twins! That happened to another friend of mine, too. WTH! People are so dumb--I must give off a "I'm gonna punch you in the face if you ask me that" vibe because no one has EVER asked if I was having twins. Good thing, because I probably would be tempted to punch them in the face!