Monday, July 26, 2010

Elijah the artist

Elijah got a water color painting set for his birthday and we finally opened it this week. Since introducing the paint brush and paints, this kid will not stop creating art. We've already gone through one package of paper and some of Dan's sketch pad. Yesterday, he was painting all sorts of different things but letters are his favorite. He likes to make O's and D's and every once in a while creates something that resembles an "M", his current favorite letter.

After painting 4 or 5 pictures, he started a new one that only had red and black in it. He knows a lot of his colors and has become very particular about which colored objects he prefers. In this case, he was very serious about only using black and red. It's been so fun to watch him grow and learn but also to begin making choices and have true opinions about things. The painting below is all Elijah and I love it because of that.


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