Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Boot Camp Potty Training-End of Day 3

We made it through day 3!!! Elijah had more successes than accidents. He also held his bladder much longer, about 2 hours between each pee. This is a huge deal to me because on Day 1, it seemed like the boy never stopped going!!

Eli did alright at our church community group. He sat on our travel fold up potty seat 3 times but never went in the toilet and had one accident. He was able to go on our toilet at home before bed. I feel like things are moving slowly but surely. We are just committed to sticking it out as long as it takes.

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  1. be strong and let your heart take courage--you can do it! I feel like I'm learning a lot about parenting through your blog. Thanks for sharing! -Angela Finan