Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Seattle-Winding down

We got back from Oregon Sunday afternoon. We dropped off our stuff and headed straight over to the Senior Riberas house for dinner with friends. We were so tired from traveling but didn't want to miss out on any time we could have with friends. It was good for the kids to play together, possibly for the last time before heading home.

Ezra and Eli played the piano, then moved on to the organ. After taking a break chasing each other around the house, they returned to the organ and put on a show.

Eli and Ezra were having such a great time, Dan and Brendan started getting jealous and took over.

We had so much fun but lost track of time. Suddenly, it was 10pm and we all rushed home to put kids to bed. Again, it was good to be with familiar people. I've missed nights like those.


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