Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Seattle-Fitting it all in

We leave tomorrow for a wedding in Oregon. Once we get back, we will only have two days left in the great North West! SO-the last two days have been jam packed with activities. Yesterday (sorry-no pictures) we spent the morning at Blythe's house. Elijah was being especially difficult and although my dear friends were loving and gracious, I left there feeling defeated. Thankfully, our next stop was the Irwin's house. Eric Irwin was our pastor at Covenant Pres. in Issaquah for two years and his family is so amazing. I knew I could rest there, gain insight and leave feeling encouraged. It was great to catch up on the details of life while also discussing current issues and struggles. Just like I said, we left here feeling encouraged. It was a much needed visit.

After some down time, we were on the road again, this time to the Wilson's. This is another very special family, one that knows us and shares our love for Malawi. They were part of the original team that visited Malawi back in 2005. Tom just got back from a short trip last week. We sat around nodding and laughing at his stories. It was good to be with people who know and understand the life that we lived while in Africa.

Today started off much like yesterday. By 9am, we were in Lynnwood visiting the Stoms. They are an ABC missionary family who just happened to be on furlough in Seattle. It's been one year since we waved goodbye to their three blond girls. I was amazed to see how much they all grew in one year! Clara and Katherine took no time warming up to us. Upon walking in the door, Dan and I were busy playing horses and other games. The girls even taught Elijah how to jump on the bed.

Eli fit right in with his blond hair and blue eyes. The girls were sad to say goodbye, but it wasn't tearful this time. We will all see each other again this weekend at the wedding in Oregon.

Next on the agenda was Aine's birthday party at the park. Aine is a few weeks younger than Eli and her parents are friends of ours from college. I can't believe our kids are already celebrating their second birthdays!

Aine's mom Piper made killer cup cakes. Elijah ate his very carefully (surprised??), one piece at a time. Eventually, he got tired and ran off to play. I think the excitement wore off once they no longer resembled Sesame street characters. I was happy to finish his cup cake while he ran around.

Ezra and Eli chased each other around the playground like usual. The sun came out and made me very happy. It was a beautiful day to play outside.

This is Eli and Ezra one year ago.

This is them today. They grow up so fast!!!

This is Eli and Aine when they first met, just weeks old-not necessarily love at first sight.

This time around, they couldn't get enough of each other. They kept hugging each other and chatting about life. It was hilarious.

As babies, we hoped they would grow up to be friends.

Just look at them now! I love these kids.

I got to meet Aine's little brother Vincent for the first time. He is such a handsome man!

It was fun to see Vincent and Penny playing together. This time next year, they will be running after he big kids!
Eli is napping now, but once he gets up, we are headed over to Blythe's for dinner. The day isn't over yet!


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