Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Seattle-Father's Day

It was a cold and rainy day here in Seattle on Father's Day. We went to Green Lake pres. in the morning and had naps that afternoon. It was the perfect day to rest. That evening, we headed over to Tom's house to celebrate. Elijah tried really hard to get the old dog Elmo to play with him. Elmo is truly on her last leg and Eli couldn't understand why she wasn't running to get the ball like Fin and Pixie do at my parents house.

After trying really hard and getting no response, Eli moved on to music. Grampy taught Eli how to play the fiddle while Dan and I covered our ears.

Dan found his drum in the upstairs closet and brought it down. Eli quickly gave up on the fiddle and spent the next 10 minutes pounding on the drum.

After practicing a bit on their own, Dan and Eli played together while Tom and I covered our ears.

It was the perfect day of rest in the midst of a very busy vacation. We all needed the down time.


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