Thursday, June 10, 2010

Baby brother's bed!!

Dan had some energy to spare tonight since he only worked an 11 hour day (instead of the 12-13 hours he's been working lately). Side note: Dan got a new summer job washing windows for a former seminary student. It's LONG hours, but he gets to work with a lot of his friends which has been great.

I wanted to get the crib put together before we left for Seattle next week (and before I got too big), and tonight was a good night.

Thankfully, we had an extra pair of hands to help us out.

Once the crib was put together, Eli helped Dan swaddle Bear Bear so he could test it out.

So far, so good.

You might have noticed Elijah's initials above his bed (EFGR-Elijah Forrest Goodnight Robbins). Today, Eli and I picked up the necessary letters to go above baby brother's bed- LWWR. Anyone feel like guessing what they stand for??


  1. I have no idea on the name, but I remember you said a long time ago that your favorite girl's name was Matilda Penelope Renee! Looks like Eli is becoming quite the little helper; I can't believe how much older he's gotten since I last saw ya'll at CPC!

  2. "Ugh, your kid is such an Efgr."