Friday, May 28, 2010

A visit from Grampy

Dan's dad Tom was able to come visit us for a couple of days. Elijah hasn't seen him since January, but he warmed up pretty quickly. It was so sweet-the day Tom left, Elijah woke up from his nap saying "hello gampy!" and we had to remind him that grampy went bye bye on an airplane.

We had a great time showing Tom as much of St. Louis as we could in 1 1/2 days! We first took Tom to the Botanical Gardens. Since we only had one full day, we did a shortened tour through the gardens so that we could hit up City Garden, too. Here are pictures from our morning at the Botanical Gardens.

The Climatron had been redone in a dinosaur theme. There were dinosaurs hidden throughout the plants and waterfalls. We had a dinosaur hunt and Elijah LOVED finding them.

After the Climatron, we moseyed around a while longer before heading over to City Garden.

After Elijah showed interest in the fountains, we decided it was time to head down to the real fountains at City Garden.

After playing in the water, we grabbed some southern grub at Sweetie Pies and headed home for naps while Dan went to his first Hebrew class of the summer. That night, Elijah got to celebrate his birthday a little early. Grampy got Eli this awesome set of jumbo Legos that actually builds a farm. He has been playing with it non stop and wakes up every morning asking to "play farm".

Although it was a short visit, we are so glad Tom came to see us. Tom was easy to place. He loved St. Louis, the weather (it was 90 degrees with thunder storms!!!), the gardens, the architecture and the food. It was great sharing our new home with him.

We've been talking a lot about Eli's birthday coming up. Thanks to grampy, he is now totally aware of what it means-PRESENTS!!! Sometimes, he asks "please birthday?". It's so funny. We are having a little party for him tomorrow-pictures to come soon.


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