Saturday, April 24, 2010

Rummage Sale finds-$9!!

Well, it's Saturday afternoon, time to share this mornings great deals. It was an unusual morning as I left Eli at home with Dan and was out the door by 6am. My friends and I met up at a local school for their annual sale called Potpourri. It didn't start until 7:30am, but in order to get the good stuff, it's better to wait outside and be the first ones in. We brought laundry baskets and shopping bags to fill and had our wish lists printed out. We were ready.

Although I didn't walk away with as much as I had anticipated, I got a lot of stuff that I needed for under $10!! The prices were ridiculously low, I couldn't believe it. Below pictures all the fun things I got for Elijah (and baby brother). Elijah's birthday is next month, so all of this will be hidden until then. Here's what I got:

$3.25-Brand new real wood building blocks (similar to Lincoln Logs), Goodnight Moon board game (ages 2.5-5), playdough set complete with 4 colors of dough and lots of cool toys, a Sesame Street place mat, a shiny red drum (he's already got the sticks-just needed a specified place to hit), and a brand new baby soft toy.

If all of that was only $3.25, you might be wondering where I spent the other $5.75. I was kind of annoyed when I first heard that everything was priced and that people do not haggle at this sale. But once inside, I saw the prices and knew it would be better that way. They were practically giving things away!

$1- adorable little painting of two owls perched in a tree (frame to be painted and put in kid's room-I will post it when it's hung up)

$1- 2 crib mattress waterproof covers

$1- 1 set of Queen sheets and numerous towels (home birth supplies)

$0.25- red kitchen towels

$1- silver curtain rod

$1- 2 clay pots for my herb garden

$0.50- 20 spools of thread (most of which will be donated to FORAI)

There was so much stuff, it was overwhelming. If you spent too much time in the kitchen section, the baby section was bare by the time you got there. I'm sure I missed out on plenty of other deals, but I am so thankful for what I walked away with. The crib mattress covers alone would have cost me $15 new, never mind the sheets!!! It was a great lesson in keeping to my list and staying away from the junk.


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