Sunday, November 8, 2009


FORAI stands for Friends Of Refugees And Immigrants. It is a micro-business that was started by some women at my church (New City Fellowship). It is in the very beginning stages. We meet once a month for Bible study and English practice while making greeting cards, purses and more. I am working particularly with the printmaking and card making. It's been challenging so far, because most of the women do not know how to draw. Still, it's been fun teaching them something new and just getting to know the women at my church and in my community. Yesterday was the second meeting I have been to. More and more women are coming each time and it's very exciting!

Most of the women who come are either from Burma or Nepal. A few others are from various African countries. We provide child care so that the women can actually get some work done, but the babies don't always want to be away from their mamas. The little girl below is named Kim Kim. I've had her in the nursery before. I think she is about Eli's age. Anyway, she was SCREAMING in the kids room, so I thought I would hold her in my sling while I worked.

She got very comfortable very fast.

For now, we are just beginning to sell the products in small house parties. Hopefully by next summer, there will be a web site. You will hear all about it when that happens.


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