Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Elijah the brave

Spending time with Elijah is my favorite thing to do. I am SOOOO blessed that it is my full time job to explore life and teach him the ways of the world, every day! Next month, Eli will be two years old. After all the time I have spent with him including those sleepless nights and what felt like non-stop nursing, it wasn't until Sunday night that I felt like a real mother of a little boy.

Elijah woke Dan and I up with strange little whimpers around midnight. He has been doing this all weekend, and I have been going into his room only to find out that he bonked his head on the wall or his bed. I gave him kisses and that was that. Sunday night, we finally decided not to go but to let him get through it and put himself back to bed. Of course, the one night I try to stay strong and be tough is the night that Eli needs me most. After hearing him call out "mama, mama, mama" which he never does, I decided to go in and check things out. Sure enough, there he is standing in the middle of his bedroom holding his doggy covered in vomit. He wasn't really sad about it, in fact he was excited to see me. "Mama-please read, please play!" was what he said when I walked in to his room. This kid is so sweet and happy, even after throwing up all over his room! The next two hours consisted of Dan and I helping Elijah though a stomach bug and changing his sheets and bedding, twice. He made us laugh so much in those wee hours of the night with his happy attitude, cheering himself on saying "He did it! Hooray! Go IRISH!" after throwing up in the toilet. After a few shows and stories, Elijah went right back to bed and woke up 4 hours later happy as a clam. Our little Eli is so brave-being sick doesn't phase him.

Anyways, there was something about caring for him in the middle of the night like that-bleaching the floor beneath his bed, giving him a midnight bath and dealing with all that bedding...it just made me feel like a real mom of a little boy. It was the first of many late nights to come, I am sure, but it wasn't all too bad. I enjoyed having those unexpected hours together.

Otherwise, Eli is healthy, happy and keeping us very busy. I started making smoothies a few weeks ago, and now Eli asks for one each morning. He calls them "movies". He helps me with the blender and then hands out straws to everyone.

Lately he has taken on the responsibility of watering the growing sprouts on our back balcony between his sand box tricks. I hope he's ready to help me plant them this week!


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