Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Citygarden-just the beginning

The weather has been heating up this week, leaving us all desperate for some water play. The fountains in our park are still dry, so today, Eli and I went downtown to Citygarden. Just seven minutes from our house, Citygarden is the place to be on a hot day. The kids can run through the freezing cold pop jets while parents relax in the shade. It's so fun to be downtown amidst the tall buildings while sitting on a large patch of grass.

Elijah has grown so much since the last time we visited the fountains. He was much more confident to run through the jets on his own.

Just as we were getting out of the car, Eli spotted his water pitcher we took home from the hospital after Flannery's birth. It was the perfect water toy! Elijah spent 45 minutes catching water in his pitcher and pouring it down his belly.

We had a few mishaps with water in the face, but Eli quickly learned not to get too close while the jets got low, no matter how tempting.

Even with all the jets shooting out of the ground, Elijah found reasons to be excited about the sprinklers in the flower beds. Oh to be a toddler.

As if the jets are not enough, there is a wading pool with large stones and a water fall. The water was WAY too cold for us to get all the way in, but we had fun climbing and exploring.

There are many statues throughout the garden and all of them are kid friendly. This little house structure is right beside the fountains. Elijah pretended it was Rabbits house from Winne the Pooh. He kept sticking his head through an opening while saying "how 'bout lunch, pooh?". It was adorable.

On our way back to the car, we spent some quality time with the bunnies. Eli always wants to climb on them, but they are too slippery.

With temperatures reaching 80 before noon, I know we will be spending a lot of time at City Garden this summer. It's only April, too! We have months of awesome water play ahead of us.


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