Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Playing the waiting game

I've been in Indianapolis since Saturday night. Sarah started having contractions on Saturday. They have gotten stronger and stronger over the last few days and by last night, she was officially in labor. Sarah, Nathan and my mom left for the hospital early this morning and I am staying back with the boys until we get closer to meeting this little girl.

Please pray for Sarah as she is hoping to go natural. She was really doing well through each contraction, staying focused on her body and taking one contraction at a time. Please pray that she will continue in this mind set. As well, pray for Nathan and my mom who both haven't had a lot of sleep. Pray for strength and energy for all three of them. And of course, please pray that the baby will come soon and that all will go well.

I don't want to wait anymore!!!! I am ready to meet my niece!


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