Saturday, October 24, 2009

The great pumpkin patch

Last Friday, we met our friends in Belleville, IL at an apple and pumpkin farm. It had been raining, so visiting the actual pumpkin patch was not possible, but thankfully, we could still pick our share of apples.

While taste testing the apples, we managed to pick quite a few Fuji as well as Sun crisps.

Elijah was eager to get his pudgy hands on an apple.

So eager that he forgot to pick the apple and decided to eat it right off the tree.

Elijah's mouth was full with apple for quite some time.

On our walk back from picking apples, we came across the petting zoo. I think Eli was a little scared of the camels. He did enjoy the cows, llamas and goats, though.

Once back at the pay station, we looked around for the perfect carving pumpkins. Elijah found one of his own and tried to take a bite.

He got frustrated by the extra firm pumpkin, so I gave him another apple to nibble on.

On our drive home, we passed through East St. Louis. There were two amazing old buildings with trees and bushes growing on them. Some of the trees were busting through old windows. Other plants were growing on the sides of the building. It was both amazing and sad to see such buildings in such sad shape.

While driving back into the city, a warm feeling came over me as I looked at the arch covered in sunlight. It's strange, but St. Louis has quickly and surprisingly stolen my heart and I was glad to be home.


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