Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Much closer these days

I miss Malawi. Life was so simple there in a lot of ways. I worry about some of my friends and hate that I don't know how they are doing and can't really know. BUT, one thing I am SO thankful for is that I live closer to my family. Since returning to the states in July, I have seen my parents 4 times! They were just here for the weekend and we had such a great time relaxing in the cool weather.

Our living room quickly became a cozy resting place for my parents. I am so thankful for our gray couch which apparently is also a very comfy bed.

Eli loved cuddling with Grand diddy on the couch bed. Friday was very cold and rainy and we were all fine with sitting inside and catching up.

Eli got some time in with Grand marmie
Grandmarmie sharing ice cream with Eli

Reunited with big doggy

Playing with the other doggy

The Jensens came for dinner on Saturday night. We had a great time reminiscing about the older days when I was 9 and Vicki and my mom were prayer partners. It was fun to be together after all of these years.

Eli found William under the low boy while playing hide and seek.

Eli played in the sand box on the front porch while my parents packed up and we said our goodbyes.
Not only does he like to play in the sand, he also likes to clean up afterward. He may not look like me, but he sure acts like me!

As we waved goodbye to my parents from the front porch, my mom saw the perfect photo opportunity. She jumped out of the car and took this picture. I'm glad she did. (notice Eli with the broom, ha!)
We spent the weekend exploring St. Louis' thrift stores, attending a church picnic at the park across the street and visiting with the Jensens. It was a great low key weekend and I was sad to see them go. Although not too sad, because I know it will only be a few weeks before I see them again.


  1. I just love Eli's cheeks! They make me happy every time I see a picture of him! Glad you guys had fun!

  2. Your new place looks like such a cozy home now! I want to come stay in your grey couch/bed! I want to take that last family picture and frame it for my house :)