Sunday, August 23, 2009

A new face

Eli has been going through stages so quickly. If you haven't seen him in the last month, I am sorry to say you have missed some pretty funny stuff. For example, while learning to walk, he used to rub his belly with one hand as if saying "please" and then throw his other hand high in the air for balance. That stage is over.

Yesterday, I think we entered into a new phase. Actually, it's a new face. He starts doing it any time the camera comes out. He squints his eyes, wraps his lips around his teeth and gives a big smile. If your lucky, he might even throw in a deep chuckle. He is turning out to be quite the ham.

I was glad to see that the face didn't disappear after one day, but it might stick around for a while. Here he is making the new face at the park tonight.

I have always enjoyed the many faces that Eli makes. Even when he was two weeks old, Elijah was full of faces. During the last few weeks, I have been able to capture some of my all time favorites.

I just love my little guy and the stage of life he is in right now. Dan and I both have enjoyed getting to know him more and more.