Saturday, November 2, 2013

8 Ball

Ahh, the magic 8 ball. I remember playing with those in middle school, asking it the age old questions about pre-teen romances and my imminent future. I always knew it was a joke, but don't we all wish it were real? Even if the answer was "maybe", it still felt good to be given some hope, despite the fact that it comes from a mass produced game!

I wish there really was such a thing that could just tell me "Hey Bethany, don't stress it. Baby will be here by Sunday afternoon. So go out shopping with your sisters and get pedicures and live it up!". Wouldn't that be nice??

On Halloween afternoon, we frantically threw the boys in some last minute costumes. Lazarus was going to be the most adorable fireman, but backed out last minute. We threw him his blankie, named him Linus and called it good. Elijah scored an awesome Optimus Prime costume (at half off day!) at Goodwill but it didn't come with a mask. Thankfully, mama's got killer face painting skills. Funny thing is, I actually found (and purchased) a real Optimus Prime transformers mask yesterday at a kid's consignment shop-day late and a dollar short I suppose.

And I went as an 8 ball.

We had fun walking around downtown Bellingham, popping into shops and getting free candy. Yesterday, the ladies and the little lads went down to the boardwalk for some exercise in the cool fall air. Walking seems to help things start up, but it's not quite time yet. We're having a blast together though! If nothing else, this week has been a really fun time with my family!!!

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  1. I'm glad you're getting a chance to spend some time with family. And great job on the costumes !