Thursday, October 24, 2013

3rd Trimester = Beautiful

There are so many stages throughout pregnancy. Many of them include feeling bloated, chubby, sick to your stomach, gassy, among other things. Even though the 3rd trimester is considered the least comfortable of all 4 trimesters (yes, there is a 4th: post partum-yuck!), it's when I feel most beautiful. My belly is nice and round and it's painfully obvious to everyone that I am with child. No mistaking it, no awkward looks, just total acceptance.
36ish weeks

People smile at me as they walk past, knowing that new life is about to enter the world. Women of other cultures ask to touch and pray for the baby (I've never had a Caucasian American do this to me). I feel blessed, like I've been given a precious jewel to protect and keep safe.

38 weeks

When she moves and my belly ripples, I'm the only one who notices. We share secrets this way.

The 3rd trimester is filled with annoying aches and ailments but it's the last hurrah. Just a few feet before the finish line where everyone is cheering you on. The excitement is unbearable!

We aren't sure if my due month will be October or November. We're hoping she holds on until my mom and sisters arrive this weekend, but we'll see. I carried both boys for 40 weeks and 1 day (according to the dates). Will baby sister follow in line or dance to the beat of her own drum?

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  1. i LOVE that last outfit! you are beautiful!! and SO close!!!