Monday, September 23, 2013

34 (ish) weeks

I've been asked a lot of questions with all of my pregnancies, but lately, they've been coming like crazy! Funny thing is, they are pretty much the same questions. Here are some of my answers:

It's not a boy.

It's not my first baby.

It's not a basketball.

It's not a watermelon.

No, it's not my due date.

No, only one baby is in there.

"Let's see how the belly is mom." (stands back and looks me up and down)
"Woohoo! That girl is getting good. And. BIG!"

Everyone asks how I am feeling:

Sleep is hard, but that's normal.

The dreams are getting weird. I give birth to strange animals all the time.

My pee schedule coincides with my breathing schedule.

The aches in my back and legs start up around 2pm and by 4, I'm waddling.

Honestly though, things are great! I'm growing my baby girl and couldn't be more thrilled!

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  1. i was kind of sad i didn't have a dream about birthing an animal :) and you look SOOO cute! you are ALL belly! and are getting so close!