Saturday, August 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Lazarus!!!

Three years ago today (actually, it was 2am!), Lazarus William Wayne entered our lives. I didn't know my heart was capable to loving someone so much until I met Lazarus. He's like no one I've ever know. Well, alright, he's pretty much like Dan in most ways. But he's so unique. So gentle and so crazy! So quiet and yet such an entertainer. He does his own thing, but loves it when I join him. And the cuddles, oh my goodness, they are GOLD! This boy has been cracking us up since the moment he came out, sneezing 5 times! Sweet Lazzy, Happy 3rd Birthday!

The rascal :

 The sleeper : 

The introvert :

My sweetheart : 

Lazarus, I love you AND I like you!!!


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