Wednesday, August 28, 2013

30 weeks!!! (ish)

I'm about 30 weeks (ish) and some days (although measuring a bit on the bigger side...yikes!) and feeling the third trimester like heck. By 11am, I'm ready for my 2 hour nap and 7pm is MY bedtime. Kids, put yourselves to bed already!!

The picture below pretty much proves I'm a tired old lady. Since moving to Bellingham, I've adopted the local attire - jeans, Birkenstocks and usually a black or gray top. To my credit, I don't have many options right now. No make-up, side pony...that's the way I roll.

I also LOVE my non-maternity brown sweatshirt jacket (from Buffalo exchange in Seattle) and my $7 H&M maternity jeans. Crossing my fingers and hoping they fit me till the end!!

This pregnancy has truly been a joy, though. I'm healthy, baby is doing great and the boys are over the moon about baby sister coming out to play. Sure, I can't bend over without grunting and the aches and pains started before I even took that pregnancy test, but I'm growing a female and that is seriously something I will never take for granted!


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