Thursday, July 18, 2013

We made it to Bellingham!!

Wow, we made it! I still can't believe it. During the looooong 13 hour drive from Yellowstone to Seattle, I really felt like my eyes would never see that darned Space Needle. But we made it!! We spent two lovely nights at Dan's mom's house in the city, reconnecting with our friends and cleaning ourselves up (it was day 5 without bathing, and we'd run out of clean laundry, too!). After a refreshing time in Seattle, we headed north to our new house in Bellingham.

Last Saturday, we arrive and got the keys to this little cutie!

Actually, it's the biggest house we've ever lived in, and it's all ours!!! The boys walked in and immediately started running around. Bellingham is a sweet little town (about 90,000 people). Very compact and urban feeling but not a big city by any means. You can get anywhere you want to go within 5-10 minutes. Our house is about 2 minutes from downtown.

On Monday morning, the moving truck arrived and we were ready!
Dan's mom had come up for the day to distract the boys while Dan and I took care of unpacking. 

I think Lazarus was a little overwhelmed with all the activity though, because when it was time for him to join Elijah and Grammy on an adventure, he informed me he'd rather take a nap. And so he did. In the back yard.

It's now Thursday and we feel pretty settled. Elijah ended up going back to Seattle with grammy for 3 days. When I picked him up, I asked him if he missed me.

Elijah : "No, because I was just having too much fun! I can't wait to do it again!"

Such a little man!!! We'll definitely be planning more nights away now that we're just 1.5 hours from Dan's mom!

After dinner tonight, we took a short bike ride to one of three playgrounds near our house. It's the closest, but a little dinky. Still, the boys had a blast riding their bikes around the "race track" and playing with the rocks.

Dan officially started his new job today. He has a nice office at the church where all of his books will live happily (fhew!). It's been fun visiting the church and getting to know other members as they drop off dinners (awesome!!). I'm so thankful for this entire journey. Taking our time to get here helped me to process leaving our St. Louis home. It was also just great to be with Dan so much. The kids are so happy right now and I'm certain it's because of all the mommy/daddy time they're getting. We look forward to many evenings together as a normal family now!

Even though we're here and settled, I've got a few more posts coming up about our road trip. We got internet today, so I'm trying to catch up on everything!!


  1. Welcome to western Washington!!

    We were in Bellingham yesterday on our way back from vacation. Check out Fairhaven area and the Whatcom Falls park looks gorgeous although we didn't make it there.

  2. ooh, whatcom falls park looks beautiful!! we've been through fairhaven before, but i know they have lots of fun activities throughout the summer there. next time you're coming through, let me know!!