Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Visitors for Dan

The weekend was busy with Dan leading a funeral and preaching on Sunday. On top of that, we had his parents and the Riberas come for the day. It was fun hosting people in our house! It's also fun having family and friends so close by.

The Riberas got to stay the night and we explored Bellingham a bit together. We found a park on the beach of Lake Whatcom.

 Bunk bed boys!!

On Monday morning, we walked around downtown and happened upon a delicious bakery/cafe'. We ate lots of food :) The Riberas left after brunch and we headed home for naps. 

That afternoon, we checked out another beach, this time with Pacific ocean water!

Oh Laz....

It was a great day to celebrate daddy. Lots of sand and food and play time!


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