Monday, July 22, 2013

Great American Road Trip - Yellowstone to Seattle

The drive through Yellowstone was unreal. There was an amazing mountain range waiting for us around every turn of the road.

We entered through the south side and got to go through Grand Teton National Park as well. These mountains were crazy! They literally just shoot up from the ground in the middle of a meadow surrounded by forests.

Driving through actual Yellowstone was amazing, too. Again, it was hard for Dan to keep his eyes on the road!

We walked around a bit and explored tons of geyser pools. The air was so hot around them and the colors were stunning!

There's nothing wrong with my camera-this is just steam rising up from the pools. Some of them were literally bubbling with heat!

Old Faithful is one of the largest geysers in the world. It builds up pressure for about an hour and a half and then shoots out steam and water, almost like clockwork.  The water probably went about 30-40 feet high and the show lasted about 5 minutes!

Just as we were approaching our camp site, we happened upon a mama elk and her baby. It was the most peaceful thing I had seen since the Grand Canyon.

We camped just outside the park by another river. The boys went to bed pretty easily as it had been a long day. The next morning, we woke up early, ate our oatmeal and got ourselves on the road. Numerous times, Dan or I would mention strange smells, only to realize it was US! We were filthy! We made it to Missoula Montana by lunch time and Spokane by dinner time. Around 10pm, we pulled up to Dan's mom's house in Seattle, eager to bathe and sleep on real beds. That 13 hour day was long and my feet got so swollen, ha! But we made it and we're all so thankful for that.

Some dear friends threw a "Graduation/Welcome Back to the NW" party. It was so comforting to see most of our Seattle friends from in one place. The best part was watching all of our children play together! Just a bunch of mini-me's running around acting crazy. So fun!

It's great to be back in the North West, but strange that it's not Seattle. I have so many memories of that city and know it better than Nashville, my actual hometown. I spent the day in Seattle last week and was stressed by all of the traffic. It made me feel like an old mom, driving back into Bellingham with relief because it's a quaint small town. I love it! But I do also love being so close to friends and Dan's parents and the "big city" of Seattle.


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