Friday, July 12, 2013

Great American Road Trip - Part 2, The Grand Canyon and Moab

The last time I was at the Grand Canyon was 10 years ago. It was right after I had decided to move from Detroit, Mi to Seattle Wa. My boyfriend at the time wanted to see the country, so we drove. It was great, but nothing like my experience this time around. Ten years later, to be driving through the same area because I'm moving to the NW.... lots of similarities, but many more differences.

This time around, I saw it from the South rim (instead of the North rim). I was with my amazing family, while growing a new daughter in my belly. I am 10 years older, wiser and more aware of God's grace in my life. I have changed so much over time. The canyon has probably changed, too. But God's goodness hasn't, and that was very meaningful to me.

We saw, we hiked, we conquered.

Belly shot at the Grand Canyon! I have no idea how many weeks I am...somewhere in the mid 20's.

Even though I had seen it before, our stay at the Grand Canyon was my favorite. The camping was peaceful, the view was amazing and we truly felt refreshed as a family. I am so thankful to have had that time with my boys and my Lord.


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