Sunday, July 28, 2013

Busy First Week

Technically, we've been in Bellingham for two weeks now. I've visited all of the thrift stores (many of them are downtown! so fun!!) and we've eaten out a few times. I know where all the parks are and the best times of day to do certain types of shopping. Getting to know this little city has been easy and fun. Dan's office at the church is just 5 minutes away and everything is so walk-able. The novelty of the new house hasn't worn off yet. In fact, yesterday, we spent all morning just playing at our house! Happily!

The boys and I are still very much on vacation but this week was Dan's first official week at work and was he busy! The head pastor left for his two week vacation last Sunday and things picked up. Dan wrote the liturgy for today's service and will be preaching. He also lead a large men's group last Wednesday night and then actually served at his first funeral today! Even with the busy week, we've had so much more family time than we'd ever had in St. Louis during seminary. We even went on a date last night!

We've definitely been working hard to unpack. Thankfully, the boys have their bunk beds now. Sleep on a deflated blow up mattress can not be that comfortable....

Exploring the ocean!

Enjoying our home made sprinkler. It's barely hot enough for water play, but we're determined to live up these "summer" months!

Riding their "motorcycles" through the playground.

Lazzy is showing off our new living room. 

We did get a new little couch and bookshelf ($40 total!). I think these two pieces really work in this space.

We still need some lamp shades and art work but it's feeling more and more like home every day.


  1. Everything looks so cute! I didn't know y'all were by the ocean... I will have to mapquest it and figure out where exactly your new town is. Also, I keep forgetting to tell you that I have one of the boys little pillows, and I forgot to get the thermometer from you. Text me your address so I can mail the pillow!

    1. i've been meaning to mail the thermometer to you!!! i'll email you :)