Sunday, May 19, 2013

Top 10 - Why I'm Proud

There are so many reasons why I am absolutely proud of my husband, Dan. I know you'd like to read about alllllll 1,968 of them (yawn), but I'm going to narrow it down to just 10.

10. He was supportive. When I started two businesses in the middle of his seminary career, he was not only on board, he was excited for me!

9. HOW he supported me: helped me with my Etsy shop markets and skipped classes and work to watch the kids while I was attending births. At one point, he even spent 2 days with our new foster girls all by himself-an intense job I can assure you!

8. Worked many difficult jobs to support our family.  By the end of our first year in seminary, he had worked 3 jobs! He's tutored, washed windows, and waited tables at various restaurants. Although it's been hard, he's never complained, but often praised God for providing work and income for our family.

7. He kicked BUTT in all his classes! This man will not brag, but I'll do that for him. Dan is an excellent student, often at the top of his class and graduated magna cum laude.

6. He got a free ride! Due to his excellent grades and hard work, Dan was nominated and chosen for a full scholarship given to students in their last year. He was 1 of 12 students to receive this gift.

6. He has grown as a father. We showed up to seminary with a 15 month old Elijah. Lazarus was born during a 4 day break between a summer Hebrew exam and the first day of his second semester. In our last year, he fathered a total of 4 children who were not his own, as well as his bio sons. Talk about practicing what you preach!!
which brings me to number.....

5. He was selfless. Sure, Dan's not perfect and we're all truly selfish at the core, but this man put others first in more ways than one. He often helped his fellow students, tutoring them in difficult subjects. He helped people move on his day off. He began preaching at the senior living center in our neighborhood and taught the youth at our church. He invested in difficult relationships when it would have been easier to play the school card and check out.

4. He involved us. When Dan considered going to Zimbabwe for his internship, going alone was not an option. Even though 3 other guys worked the 6 weeks without their families, Dan made it a priority for all of us to go and serve together. Not only did this offer the boys and I a much needed vacation from America, but it kept our family going. We NEEDED that time together to refresh us for our last two years of seminary!

3. He was faithful. If school got tough, he stayed up late and finished his work while saving precious daylight hours for his family. He didn't hesitate to ask us for help or extra space and time, but he also didn't hesitate to drop his books and focus on the people in front of him. It was quite the balancing act, and he did it well.

2. He worked hard on our marriage! 4 years of seminary could have easily made him into a prideful man, one who believes he's arrived and learned it all. Thankfully, Covenant Seminary does an amazing job at humbling you while encouraging you towards Christ. At a time when he could have been tempted to focus on himself, Dan grew as a husband.

1. He answered God's call on his life. He could have run away. He could have given up when we were broke and the dream of opening a taco truck were just at his finger tips (true story). But he didn't. He trusted that God was calling him into a life of ministry, and he followed.

This weekend has been so busy with family in town, late night ceremonies and services and graduation parties. This week, I look forward to enjoying the new normal as Dan no longer rushes off to class or stays up until 2am writing a paper. I am so so so proud of this man and I am so so so thankful it's over!!

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