Friday, May 24, 2013

Moving, Just Keep Moving....

Along with Dan graduating with a Masters in Divinity and expecting baby number 3 this fall, we're moving!!

Since January, Dan has been in slllowwwww conversation with a pastor at a small church in Bellingham, Wa. In April, we visited, Dan interviewed and officially accepted a position as an assistant pastor!! We are so thrilled and THANKFUL to have a job right out of seminary. It's pretty rare for this to happen and we owe it all to God!!

There are many things to look forward to:
-Being back in the NW
-Close proximity to Dan's parents and dear friends in Seattle
-Dan using his talents and skills in a ministry setting
-Gaining experience and working alongside an amazing session and their families
-Dan having a DAY job!!
-Exploring a new part of the world

Of course, I'm nervous about switching homes again, especially since this was not in our future plans. Having a baby in a new community is hard (I've done it twice!). Suddenly going from seminary wife to pastor's wife-probably gonna mess that one up. But, we are certain this is God's plan. It's the next step and we are thankful for the clarity in making this decision!!

We've got 4 weeks left in St. Louis. I plan to be outside, soak in as much sunshine as my Irish skin can handle and spend time with my friends. If you feel I'm neglecting this space a bit, that's because I am :) It's summer y'all and I got stuff to do!!!

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  1. We are looking forward to your return to the Northwest! I'll be praying for grace for all the changes ahead. XO ~Laura