Sunday, March 24, 2013

When Time Out Isn't Enough...

When your child lies to you about eating gum and the salt from the roads, when both of your offspring spread honey all over the playroom (including the rug!), when those little toots draw on the furniture with black marker, you need a good punishment!
Time out just isn't enough people!!!

I considered making them scrub the toilet with their new light up toothbrushes. Perhaps we could make them stay in their beds for a solid 72 hours. What about licking the floors clean? These all crossed my mind.

When it came down to it, I figured they just had to undo what they did wrong. The entire afternoon was spent vacuuming  washing sticky toys and mopping floors, erasing marker from the couch (it actually works!!!) and scrubbing the wooden rocking chair clean.

Then, straight to bed after dinner. No songs, no books, nothing. Lights out boring bedtime.

My children are not perfect, but they've not gotten this crazy before. I was thrown off! So much so, that I had to talk to Dan to figure out what to do with them. I just felt like laughing and asking them "ok, who came in and did all this?". I know they are capable of such disobedience, it's just a shock the first time this happens to you as a mama. Similar to the day your toddler throws their first fit. "Where did my sweet baby go?" you ask yourself.

Thankfully, my boys were back to normal the next day and I couldn't be more relieved.


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