Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What I Wore - A New Coat

Okay, don't make fun of us, but Dan and I got new coats this winter and.........they kind of match. AH!

Alright, so they aren't exact, but they are similar in color. Anyways, Dan's is from that vintage clearance sale on my birthday last fall. It was $1!! Of course, it cost us a little more than that to have it dry cleaned. My new coat was a gem that I spotted as I was approaching the check out counter at Goodwill. 

Tags still attached? My size? Only $13? I'll take it!
Outfit details:

Cardigan : Goodwill, $3; Mossimo
Blouse : Ann Taylor Loft, gift from my sister
Belt : Forever21, $1
Jeans : Forever21, $10
Boots : Family Thrift, $6; Vintage
Coat : Nashville Goodwill, $13; Jessica Simpson

Total : $33

 Clark Kent joined me in the last photo. Isn't he handsome?

My coat kind of reminds me of the ever-so-popular yellow coat from Anthropologie last season.
yellow coat How to Wear Yellow: Fall Fashion Trend 2011

Alright, so not exactly the same, but pretty close!


  1. I wish we could go thrifting together - you find such cute stuff! how often do you go? I love that cardigan!

    1. girl, i love a good thrifting buddy! although, we would have to be on opposite sides of the store so we didn't fight over deals ;)

      i probably go 3-4 times a month. is that too often?