Friday, February 1, 2013

Faithfulness Friday

The end of every month will be dedicated to listing the many ways God has been faithful to me throughout the month. I've kept a faithfulness journal throughout different points in my life but I want to be more diligent about it. I feel as though I can walk through any challenge as long as I remember where the Lord has led me in the past. It's February 1st and I'm thankful to now be looking back on January.


Coming home from Christmas vacation is hard in general. So many happy moments come to a screaming halt the second you unpack the suitcase. This year, the boys and I were coming home to a very busy Dan, working 4 nights a week at the restaurant while organizing and participating in a conference at school during the day. I felt overwhelmed by a long month of loneliness ahead of me. But God is good. He provided community and rest for the month of January.

- Right off the bat, I got a cold. Dan was practically gone 3 days in a row, but a friend offered to take the boys for an afternoon and I rested and got better.

- Friends at church offered their time-share condo for Dan and I to get away for a night. We enjoyed some peace and quiet and FOUR entire meals without interruptions. It was a wonderful time for us to reflect on the past year and to pray for the one ahead.

-Lazzy caught what I had earlier in the month and suddenly, I dropped everything to be his nurse for 10 days. It was pretty severe! Thankfully, another dear friend stepped in to help out and took Eli out for a date.

- I had an amazing time supporting a new doula client who hired me at 38 weeks. She had a slight desire to go natural after two heavily medicated births, and I'm so thankful she did!

-More than once, God provided financially for our needs in ways which were surprising. I'm always amazed at how creative God can be!!

January was a tough month, but we got through it. Dan worked two jobs while putting on a conference at school. There was a lot of illness. But my community is amazing and friends helped to keep loneliness to a minimum. I'm so thankful for my life!

I'm taking 3 days off from the internet. Seriously, I'm unplugging for real. I've got big plans for the weekend that don't involve my phone or computer. Yay! See you next week!

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  1. Love this. What a great way to remember and document God's faithfulness.