Monday, December 24, 2012

God Made ME!

Our charming four year old has been very interested in human reproduction lately. I guess you can't blame him with all the pregnancy and childbirth books we have lying around the house, not to mention all the labor and birth conversations he probably overhears during his play dates! Then there's the added readings and talks of a virgin named Mary who conceived Jesus without ever having been with a man. He's trying to wrap his mind around it, and it's hard!

I'm having a lot of fun explaining things to his spongy little mind. He's curious and ready to learn, so we give answers. As we talk about sex, babies and life, Elijah doesn't hesitate to remind me that it's really GOD who makes people. Wow, is he right! I often forget the miracle it takes for cells to come together at the right time, to work together and grow into more cells which become intricate little people with personalities, gifts, dreams and callings. Really, everything God makes is an absolute miracle, and He does it all for His glory. Whether we notice it or not, He's creating because He can. He delights in it.

I came across these amazing pictures of snow flakes taken by Russian photographer Andrew Osokin.
Ethereal Macro Photos of Snowflakes in the Moments Before They Disappear macrosnow11

As the boys and I oohed and ahhed over each snow flake, I remembered that the same God who made these perfect little things made me, too! I am just as unique, just as intricate and just as fragile. I loved sharing this with Elijah and Lazarus. In understanding creation as pure glory for God, they understand who they are and why they were made. There is so much in creation that our eyes will never see, but that doesn't take away it's significance. God sees. God cares. He knows.

In fact, He is such a caring, seeing and knowing God that He left his home, became a refugee's child in a politically unstable time in history to show such love to His creation. If I do everything else wrong as a mother, I hope I at least teach my boys about this one amazing truth.

Merry Christmas!! May God bless you today with the truth of HIS love and sacrifice for you, his treasured creation, the joy of His very heart!


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