Sunday, December 30, 2012

Another Tender Tennessee Christmas

Well folks, it was yet another wonderful tender Tennessee Christmas this year. We were sad to have missed the snow in St. Louis, but time with family is SO worth it. Plus, we got a nice little snow shower yesterday! A post Christmas miracle, right?

Christmas morning!

My parents heat the house with a wood stove. As you can imagine, stocking up on fire wood is a non-stop important job for the men in the house. The boys love being part of the "work" and they did a great job helping grandpa transfer wood from the main pile up to the porch. 

There are 3 steps to help grandpa effectively:

The cutest part is when one of the boys would be a given an "all nighter" log (meaning, a BIG one), they had to inform Dan so he could put it in the round holder. They'd say "This one's a LONG nighter dad".

Being musical with uncle Joel.



A night out to see my brother play music.

Bath time with Lazzy.

Dan left on Friday so he could work New Year's and the boys and I head back tomorrow. We are thankful for such a sweet time with family. We're even more thankful for a hard working papa and can't wait to see him when we go home tomorrow!


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