Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday - Just another Cray Cray Monday

Monday was crazy. I was dressed and out the door before the boys finished their breakfast! I had a 9am doula appointment then a picnic park date with my boys. We ended up spending the entire day playing outside at various playgrounds until dinner because of some construction being done on our house. We literally couldn't drive down our street without inhaling loads of pink dusk! Thankfully, my outfit was comfy and versatile.

When I need to be both professional doula lady and chase your kids across the park crazy mama, I know just what to put on. Leggings, a skirt and my red boots. Everything is super comfortable but there's enough color and pattern to prove that a.) I am matching. This absolutely means I am trustworthy and will be responsible during your labor and birth and b.) I do have extra toddler underwear and yes, I did see my 2 yr old licking the playground equipment but I didn't say anything because I'm chill. NOT because I didn't notice.
Outfit deets:

Hat : Urban Outfitters, $4.99
Scarf : Clothing Swap, FREE
Jacket : Covenant Seminary Free Store; Charllotte Rouse
Black Sweater Top : Detroit Thrift Store, $1.50; Vintage
Skirt : Olive Branch Exchange, $12; GAP
Leggings: Goodwill, $2; Forever21
Boots : Family Thrift, $6; Vintage
Earrings : City Thistle (not listed, but available!)

Total : $27.99

Not bad for an 8 piece outfit. Not bad at all.


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