Sunday, October 14, 2012

Waiting. Again.

Our lives are in limbo. Every little thing going on is about to change in possibly major ways. It's fine with me except even the time frame is completely vague. Let me help you understand:
-Dan is graduating in May
-Ordination will follow soon after
-We have 5-7 possible options for work after graduation
-Each option is in a different city/country/continent!!
-Should Dan get a ThM or do part time PhD work? Should we take a break from school for a while?? This all depends on where we end up.

On top of all that, we are playing the "Foster Placement Waiting Game" again. The length of our time in St. Louis depends on the situation of our next placement.

This stage of life is crazy. I feel unsettled, especially as every conversation Dan and I have is talking about our ability to learn German, Amharic or Swahili! As stressful as it could get, Dan and I are both patiently waiting it out. Eventually, God will reveal His grand master plan, right? We just get to enjoy each day being faithful in what He's given us to do now. That's all we can do. I trust my Lord. I know He wants good things for us, but most importantly, He wants to use us! I am praying that He will mold our hearts to want what He wants for us. Whatever God chooses for Dan and I to do, I want to follow and trust in Him. And have fun!!

So, these next few days, I'll be playing with my kids, cuddling them and organizing a lot of baby girl clothes!
{Lazzy sings 7 Nation Army in his underwear}

Some friends of our are building a house in the neighborhood. We have our own personal construction site!!

Just keeping busy and trying to be faithful in the day to day stuff, ya know?


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