Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What I Wore - 108 Degrees

A few weeks ago (before our glorious vacation), we had a week of very high temperatures in St. Louis. Everyone was complaining on Facebook to the same degree they will be complaining about the snow in about 6 months. It's annoying. Yes, it was hot but it wasn't humid. In fact, my own husband who lived to be 8 years old before he ever saw the sun in Seattle was the first to say "it's hot but it's not that bad".

Instead of posting weather complaints on Facebook, we went on a hot summer date. We walked through the neighborhood, got Thai food and then had ice cream for the walk home. This is what I wore:

Tank : Goodwill, $1; Mossimo
Skirt : Family Thrift, $4; Ralph Lauren
Sandals : Lucky Brand, bought with Macy's gift card

Sunflower Necklace (style no. 01)
Fabric Necklace :  Pistol Daisy (was Garden of Eden Designs on Etsy when I purchased it), $18.50
As you can imagine, I don't usually buy jewelry. Even if I see something I love, I would rather go home and try to make one for myself than purchase it. BUT, this fabric necklace caught my attention, and even though I could probably make it, I just didn't want to! It would have taken me hours of frustration and supporting this artist was worth it to me :)

Total : $23.50

In this heat, less is definitely more. I wear more jewelry in the summer time than any other season. When my outfit consists of shorts and a plain tank, a statement necklace is the key to spicing up your outfit.


  1. oh my 108??? My hubby was just in St.Louis for work a couple of weeks ago so that must have been just around that time. Glad you still had fun!

  2. love it! bib necklace looks fab with your simple tank and skirt. what a great idea to go on a hot date!

  3. That is a very cool necklace! I've been trying very hard not to complain about weather (hot or cold) since I know you guys in the east, midwest, etc. have been suffering! ;)