Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What I Wore - Mother's Day

{shirt:H&M, $3 thrifted, skirt/Belt: F21 $13.50, Sandals: Walmart $10. TOTAL=$26.50} 

I almost bought this top new at H&M last year but just couldn't justify paying full price for a blouse. Imagine my excitement when I found it in my size at a thrift store!


Mother's Day was beautiful. We took a walk through Benton Park while we waited for a table to open up at our favorite brunch spot. We saw some bonafide hippies blasting Credence Clear Water Revival and playing with bubbles.

We explored bridges and danced to the music that the hippies shared with the neighborhood.

We ate a lot of food and chatted it up like old friends.

We all enjoyed a three hour nap and then moseyed our way over to the fountains where Dan and I spent the next hour giggling at this:

It's really important for me to document this quiet time with my boys (well...I guess I should say "peaceful". you know what I mean.) before everything changes. I'm beginning to get nervous about parenting another child. When I think about the possibility of two, I kind of freak out. These peaceful days are a huge gift to me in the midst of our usual weekly chaos. I know it's about to get a lot harder for me so I was thankful to soak in all the help and attention this Mother's Day.


  1. glad you enjoyed your mother's day. love the picture of mr. man with hand on his hips on the bridge 'ma what on earth are you posing for?' and laz in the fountain is classic.

  2. Looks like a wonderful day in a lovely location. What a pretty outfit!

    Stopping by from Mercantile Muse.

  3. hippies in the park, waiting for food? You had me at hello. Seriously love...