Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What I Wore - $9 Outfit!

From Head to Toe:

Top: F21, FREE! (It was buy one clearance item, get the second for free! I bought an $11 dark teal summer hat and got this top for free!)
Skirt : Family Thrift, $4; Brand: Ralph Lauren (it has hidden shorts underneath...totally dorky but perfect for chasing my boys around the playground!)
Shoes : Shoes : Family Thrift, $4; Brand: American Eagle
Bag : Goodwill Outlet for $1; Brand unknown
Earrings : City Thistle

Total outfit cost: $9


  1. well that's the cutest $9 outfit i've seen! way to be thrifty and super cute at the same time!

  2. you are adorable!!! and $9?? no way!

    popping over from WIWW. so glad to find your blog.


  3. Wow $9??? That's awesome! I really like how stylish yet simple your outfit is - good job!