Monday, May 7, 2012

Brothers - Botanical Gardens

Riding the sheep

{Laz, 19 months}
 {Eli, 18 months}

At the Koi pond
{Laz, 19 months}
{Elijah, 18 months}

Smelling the flowers

{Elijah, 18 months}
{Laz, 19 months}

both boys are zoned out after a busy morning at the gardens

Elijah : "Mom, when I have my foster sister, can we show her the Botanical gardens?"

Me : "Of course honey! That would be so so much fun! She might already know about it, but she might not, either. Either way, it would be fun to bring her with us."

Elijah : "Yeah, because she will be kind of my sister so she will have to go where I go. I will give her a coin for fish food and teach her how to feed the fish, but only if she is old like me. If she is little, she might eat the coin and choke. That's what Lazzy rascal always wants to do, hehehe."

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  1. "Lazzy rascal" ahhh! Elijah says the best things. And him talking about his foster sister is super super sweet!