Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Featured Etsy Shop : What The Hart Likes (Coupon Code!!)

If you're obsessed with textiles at Anthropologie, you will love love love What The Hart Likes. No, it's not a typo. Hart is my dear friend Chané's last name and her shop is adorable! You may remember her shop as I've talked about it before.

Well, in case you've forgotten, perhaps this will jog your memory:

Tea Towel - An Owl Dish Towel  

Stationery Set  6 Sewn Note Cards with Envelopes 

Baby Onesie and Bib Cupcake Set 

Not only has Chané stocked the shop since you last checked, she's also having an anniversary sale!!

Use coupon code happyanniversary at checkout for 20% off your entire purchase in her shop!! Coupon expires March 31st so get over there quick!!

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  1. Hi - just picked you up via the Etsy Blog forum site, and thought I'd visit. Notice you've a Zimbabwe connection - was a visitor there (before it was called that!) in 1968 and fulfilled one of my life's ambitions by visiting Victoria Falls (and even swimming at midnight - sober, I might add - in the pool of the Victoria Falls Hotel! Memories are made of such things!

    Hope you will follow me at, as I'm about to do the same for you. Cheers.