Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday (THRIFTED)

Wednesdays are now my favorite day. I love sharing my outfit of the week with all of y'all. It has inspired me to actually go shopping in my closet!

This week's look is definitely casual. Nothing special, just trying to stay away from wearing sweat pants in public!

From Head to Toe:

Striped Shirt: Goodwill Outlet, $0.50; Old Navy
Black Cardigan: Goodwill, $1.99; Banana Republic
Jeans : Family Thrift, $4; DKNY
Bag : Thrifted from Goodwill Outlet for $1; Brand unknown
Flats : Goodwill, $3; Naturalizer
Scarf: Hand me down, Brand unknown, probably H&M
Blue Coat: Bought new from during an incredible sale for $6!!! Sadly, they don't do those super liquidation sales anymore :(

Total outfit cost: $16.49
{Pretty good including outerwear!}

Where did I go/what did I do that day, in this outfit?

Got the Christmas Tree with the fam
Ice cream treats with the boys
The usual.

I actually went thrifting today with a friend and picked up some great new items for my closet. Can't wait to share them with you!

Have any of you been thrifting more than usual lately? Found anything good?


  1. ummm no i haven't got thrifting. surprise surprise. that's what you're for sister. ;)

  2. You find some amazing deals! Maybe I'll do a thrifted what I wore post. :) It is cool to realize an outfit is completely thrifted.

    That scarf looks great on you.

  3. Yes Sheila! You totally should! I'd love to see other people come up with thrifted outfits!

  4. Take me shopping with you, Bethany!

  5. i am down with the stripes. i bought two new navy and white striped shirts in one day. they both looked classic. nice choice.

  6. This is a well loved combination (Navy and white stripes are my go-to pattern.)
    Pair it with black jeans and I'm ready for anything! :D

  7. I really need to hit up the same thrift shop as you! Love the scarf!

  8. This outfit is amazing at under $20! I've got to, GOT TO start thrifting again! Thanks for the inspiration... Stopping by via theletter4.

  9. Your outfit is awesome and Family Thrift is da bomb! I get the majority of my clothes there.