Thursday, December 22, 2011

Serve God, Die and Be Forgotten

This Sunday's sermon was about Bethlehem, an insignificant city that was made significant through God's holy purposes. Our pastor went on to apply this theme to our personal lives. It's funny, because what some of us might know about ourselves (that we are insignificant, a drop in a bucket) is not always how we feel about ourselves.

As toddlers, we demand to be served. IMMEDIATELY! There is something in each of us that tells us "I'm the sh@#". But the truth is, we are insignificant. We are one of millions. We are fleeting. And yet, God gives our lives meaning. He gives us our significance by using us for His holy purposes. We are annoying little selfish people who are changed into people with important jobs to do.

Our pastor shared a quote by Nicolaus Ludwig Zizendorf who said "Preach the gospel, die and be forgotten". He would tell this to the refugees he was training to become missionaries. It kind of sounds depressing, but it's actually freeing. We are already insignificant and will most likely be forgotten anyways, but we are free to follow the Lord and let HIS significance become our own.

Since coming to seminary, I've struggled with my role and honestly, my own significance. Dan has a clear calling. One that allows him to be educated (much more than me!) and to become an expert on certain subjects. He gains a voice that I will never have. At times, I am jealous, but when I remember that we are both equally insignificant in this world without God, well our significance in Christ is equally important.

Dan is called to serve God through preaching and teaching, but God has given me a very humble yet significant role to serve. God is using me in my children's lives and in the community where I work, shop and play. If there's no pressure to be remembered, well I can get pretty busy being significant in the laundry room and kitchen! He can use me on the playground and in the coffee shops, in hospital rooms and at craft shows. If God's purposes are always my goal, then He will make those interactions significant. That is how I intend to serve God, die and be forgotten.

It helps, too, when it's finals week and I have no profs to impress, but instead get to spend my days with these two little men!

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  1. Very thought provoking post! It calls to mind the saying "We may be the only Bible someone reads"; meaning that just by our everyday conduct those of us in more humble roles can make as much of an impact as someone in a more prominent role.