Monday, December 26, 2011

Robbins Family Christmas

Our Christmas vacation finally began on Saturday, Christmas Eve. Dan had the night off of work and was able to leave the books closed so we could visit the Science Center. It was a great way to spend time together while the boys ran around wild.

Egg and sausage muffins, coffee, chai and PRESENTS!

Elijah woke up on Christmas morning at 7:00am on. the. dot. First thing he said "Can we go to grandma's house now?". We talked about eating breakfast and opening presents and then Elijah got real serious.

Elijah: "Mom, Santa Claus is dead. We aren't going to have any presents."

Me: "Oh, honey, St. Nicholas did die a long time ago, but we talked about this. Mommy and daddy give you presents, not Santa Claus."

Elijah: "Oh yeah! I forgot! But we can enjoy the stooooorrrry of St. Nic."

Phew, glad we got through that!

We are now at my parents house in Nashville, having second Christmas with family. The tree is suffocated by presents. It's awesome.


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