Monday, November 7, 2011

Top 10:Orange Fuzz

Orange fuzz has taken over the world. It's everywhere and I cannot control it. Lazarus has fallen in love with a twin sized orange knit blanket. It's his kryptonite.

If Lazzy is teething, had a bad fall or is just feeling sensitive, I give him the orange blanket. He literally melts to the ground, sucks his thumb and smiles.

He loves being wrapped up in this blanket either to cuddle or while using his walker.

When he wakes up, he usually spends 10 minutes rolling around his crib and grabbing fuzzies from the orange blanket. He collects the fuzz into a tight ball and continues to hold the fuzz in his fist throughout the day. It's funny to watch him try to clap and play with his fist clenching tightly to his fuzz. The orange blanket trumps everything else, including cute little friends to play with.

Lazzy will put a fuzz ball in his mouth and chew on it like a piece of gum. When it's time to eat, he takes it out and places the wet fuzz ball onto his plate, again like a piece of gum and then pops it back in after meal time. It's so adorable and yet so strange. People are always telling me "Awe, I found an orange fuzzy in my car today from Lazzy's blanket!" It's not just us dealing with the fuzz. It's everywhere!

And so, here is my top 10 strangest places to find an orange fuzzy from Lazzy's blanket:

10. The hinges of my glasses

9. My toothbrush

8. Various rooms of my parents' house in Tennessee

7. My wallet

6. My Tupperware drawer

5. Our church nursery

4. Dan's back pack

3. Lazzy's diaper (you guessed it-a dirty one)

2. My sister Abby's car in Atlanta, GA

And the number 1 strangest place to have found an orange fuzz is:

The Joe's O's cereal box. (not sure how that happened!)

Generally, Dan has to check me for orange fuzzies before I leave the house. Sometimes, I collect them until it's a nice fuzz ball and then offer it to Lazzy when he's having a rough time. It's the simple things in life, you know?


  1. That is too cute and too funny. Flannery always puts fuzz in her mouth and I always make her spit it out. But after reading this, I'm over it! She can suck on it as long as she wants :)

  2. How fun! What a great memory to record and show him later. :)