Thursday, November 10, 2011

I made it to 28!!! (Phew!)

It's my birthday and there's lots of excitement going on around here. Lazzy is playing baseball naked (again) and Elijah keeps begging me to share my birthday with him. Dan has a surprise night planned for us tomorrow and I have a fun new dress to wear! Ironically, it's from Forever 21. Werh, werh.

I am excited to do what I want today. Still don't know what that is but I am pretty sure it will involve the zoo and ice cream. Oh, and maybe a Starbucks chai. Either way, it will be fun!


  1. Happy Birthday, Bethany! Enjoy your day with your boys :)

  2. You are the most beautiful and wonderful woman I've ever known! Happy Birthday honey!

  3. Happy Birthday!! You are soooo young. :)

    - Sheila