Sunday, August 21, 2011

Deal of the day - $7.50!!

I went garage sale shopping yesterday. By myself!!! I found some very unique vintage beads and broaches that I will re-purpose for my Etsy shop. I also found a beautiful $2 wrought iron mirror for a table in my booth I will have next month at the Tower Grove farmer's market. Yes, those were good finds particularly for my jewelry business but, the best find of the weekend was for Elijah and was found at a thrift store.

I spent $7.50 on a wooden balance bike! Seriously. No joke. These things cost between $80-$250 new!!!! Now, the bike's tires were flat and I assumed we'd put more money into it than just $7.50 after purchasing new tubes. When I got home, Dan pumped up the tires and the bike was suddenly good as new!

Best find ever! Now if only I'd found it back in May for Elijah's birthday.


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