Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Our Independence Day

After spending six weeks in Zimbabwe, I've been so thankful to be an American. On Monday, we celebrated freedom from many things, including freedom from school, HA! We went to the zoo as a family (what a concept!), had looonnng naps an then participated in setting a new world record for largest kazoo ensemble.

It was a humid rainy day, so a trip to the zoo meant running from the insect house to the reptile house to the monkey house between storms. It was fun because we only ever visit those houses when the weather is bad.

Kazoos were given out to thousands of participators in Tower Grove park. We snacked on blankets with friends from all over the neighborhood while live music played in the background. The actual kazoo playing didn't happen until 9:15pm but we stayed to the very end, hoping to receive news that indeed a record had been set.

It was a strange yet fun way to celebrate our freedom. The one thing missing was freedom from the heat!


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