Friday, July 1, 2011

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Today's silly sayings actually come from bedtime prayers. Elijah had just finished reading with Dan from his Jesus Storybook Bible and it was time for evening prayers, then bed. Elijah has been reciting the Lord's prayer for almost a year now but has recently been "writing" his own. It's usually stream of consciousness with a "fank you Father" here and there. Tonight, I managed to type it as he was saying it. This is what Elijah talked about with God tonight:

"Father, fank you God for rescuing us from the world, from Goliath and the lions and the garden when they putting out the rock into the dark, into the darkness and there was a snake coming out sssssssss......hello lunch! Thank you for the dinosaurs and the love. I love, I love love that they go to the Philistines. Philistines are not good guys. They are clean and wash them like this. From the story. And to the power, umm, umm okay. Thank you for the world and the police drink the ice for the mouths. And then I go right into this pillow and I eat it, just one small bite. And it doesn't come off. It just stays on! I take a BIG BIG bite. In Jesus name, amen."


  1. Wow! You finally got me laughing so hard I 'bout peed my pants. That is a riot!

  2. What in the world are they teaching Dan at that seminary?

  3. hahahaha! Laurel told me I had to read this today, & it certainly provided me with some good laughs!